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always waiting for the night

Let me follow thee, let me flee

7 July 1991
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  • deathbycoloredpencils@gmail.com
  • midoribari@livejournal.com

I am a twenty-two year old illustrator from California; I currently attend school working towards a transfer to Cal State University Fullerton where I'm working towards a BFA in Entertainment arts and Animation. Art is my lifeblood, and I am working as hard as possible to improve myself as I go along.

In the midst of a chaotic art career, I love writing for both my own creativity and fanfiction. Feel free to friend me, if you like. I'm also a huge, HUGE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan and have been since the original films premiere, and part of the fandom since the late 2000's. I have a soft spot for classic Saturday morning cartoons and comic books, and Disneyland - I used to be an annual pass holder for ten years before it was cancelled.

I also tend to talk about issues with my mental health state, pro-sexuality and feminism, LGBQT rights, liberal opinions, my art career, and some of the stories and fandom-related I post can be on the NSFW side, which is why my journal is now official private. I also identify as asexual.