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Well this country is officially doomed.

I had to do it
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midoribari I caved in and got the Sailor Moon Fanclub membership.

It cost a whopping $75 (plus tax due to overseas shipping) but as with the benefits, I get exclusive access to cool merch. Or do I?

One thing that bugs me is that the membership lasts until June of next year and isn't renewable. Espeically due to that I won't be able to buy every single freaking "exclusive item" that comes out every month, and depending on what comes out, I won't buying every single item. I mean, I've got bills, man...

I do get a fucking awesome official membership card, though which I will proudly display in my wallet like a functioning adult.

Registration officially ends November 4th, so get ahold of a membership while it's still available:

So much going on, so little time.
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So, many things happening at once;

I am twenty more units done from wrapping up my associates degree. There's about two to three gen ed classes to get out of the way plus a barrage of art classes for my transfer but other than that, I should OFFICIALLY be done within another year.
Looking for work in storyboarding and animation also requires an bachelor's meaning I won't be just settling for an associates - it'll get me a job as far as a graphic design firm but it's not something I'd want to do permanently as a career path.

Speaking of this year, 2016 has been surprisingly smooth in terms of real life, aside from the occasional anxiety attacks nothing too serious has really happened. However my living situation has been kind of rough to due to where my current job was (I've transferred since then) and since it's a hassle to commute back to the Anza/Temecula area, I've been living in a slummy trailer park with my uncle. It's pretty disgusting for a camping resort not to clean to maintian their showers and bathrooms, but its better than living in the street.

Also, I'm transferring to another job location (slightly) closer to Temecula!! Over the past year I've taken on a second part time job at a library in Perris, which for the most part I actually hated. I shouldn't be complaining since working in a library is a walk in the park compared to working retail, but i was often involved in alot of drama between me and a library accociate who disliked me and tried to get me fired/drive me out. It was pretty bad, coming to a point where most of the staff wouldn't allow me to participate in circulation because she had a tendency to bitch about it, on top of making me a bad example as a page. Working circulation isn't easy, i have to admit. You're not allowed to make mistakes or else it sets everything else back (plus getting reamed by this horrid woman I had to deal with) It's a long ass story which I may have a separate entry for later.
But anyway, I start at Sun city tomorrow morning, and I'm so anxious to start that I thought I was supposed to start LAST week.
I had gotten sick Friday night, which gave Saturday and Sunday to allow me recuperate at my grandmothers house but I ended up missing class today since I'm still pretty bad off. I should be better by tomorrow.

Social media break. (I don't count LJ/DW as social media, but whatever) I've been logged out of Facebook/Instagram for a solid month now (and Tumblr for over a year, I'm actually considering cleansing out old blog/art posts, cutting out my following list and so on) and seriously it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Instagram i actually like since you don't need to see negative/political posts and it's not as cluttered as facebook tends to become. I've been debating whether I should permanently deactivate Facebook for awhile. The less I'm on it/thinking about it it becomes much easier to make that decision.

My art has been coming to a point where I'm ready to take on bigger oppotunites as a illustrator.
As far as fanart goes, i still enjoy it but it won't be my main focus - it's not something that should be part of a portfolio.
I'm also doing the Inktober challenge this month, only two days behind because of illness/burnout but I will be starting up today.

I know it's been nearly a year since I've last posted - how have you guys been doing? It's really hard to keep updating since real life keeps running consistently.

Hmmm, about the new Turtles, though...
Donnie and Mikey
I wasn't really looking forward to the new TMNT film at first, hearing about Micheal Bay's name in the producers' credits and whatnot. But I'm pretty much past all that and with Megan Fox taking the role as April. However, as more and more of the trailers started to come out, I kinda found myself liking the unique approaches on each of the Turtles designs. Donnie's design is my favorite by far since he's got a steampunkish look going for him. >w>


And it seems that they got the personalities down pat, so pretty much any other concerns about the characters being completely ruined have pretty much vanished. Despite all the mixed reviews, I have high hopes for this movie.

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I realize it's been awhile since I've been on here, jeez.

just gonna dump these here really quick


i'm supposed to be studying for a midterm but whatever.

Just Like A Dream - Usagi x Tomoe 1sentence, 50 themes
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Fandom: Usagi Yojimbo
Pairing: Miyamoto Usagi x Tomoe Ame
Theme set: Delta
Title: Just Like a Dream (You’re Not What You Seem)
Rating: PG-13 to R
Warning[s]: some implied violence and sexual content, and contains mild canon spoilers from the comics.
Disclaimer: characters (c) Stan Sakai and Dark Horse Comics, no profit is being made of this, just done for fun and out of boredness.
Notes: Finally finished! 8D title taken from a Madonna song, which in fact the song may be a inspiration for my next fic… all in all, I had fun messing around with this pairing, and maybe I'll do another set.

He liked the way her long black hair fell down her back and around her shoulders when she released it from her topknot.Collapse )

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Practice LJ cut, just ignore it.Collapse )

a few quick Mona Lisa/Raph "sketches"
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These took me about five to ten minutes...not much effort. D: D: D,:

Sorry about the wonky anatomy...D: D: but I did it such a rush, I dont know why.

I think this one turned out "normal" somehow...

This was done a month ago...from my original Deviant Art account. :) Sorry about the sloppy sketching style...


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